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Belly Hip Moves

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Looking Through the Veil ...

Pass through mystical doors into an enchanting place and time. For thousands of years belly dance has entertained, inspired and intrigued. The art form has evolved into an eclectic mix of traditional, folk, ethnic, and modern Middle Eastern dance - with dances of the gypsies, powerful swords, fire balancing, and flowing veils, all performed in beautiful costumes to rhythmic music from exotic ports of call.

 "The only dance form for every woman's body at every stage of her life."

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 Belly Hip Moves

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Belly Dance Fitness Benefits


Snake Arms, Figure Eights and Hip Shimmies are the movements that distinguish ancient Oriental Dance from its contemporary cousins. Those moves give the dance its mystical enchantment evoking images from long ago of ancient pharaohs, boundless riches, and hypnotic cobras entrancing the unsuspecting by passer. While the dancer makes the movements appear fluid and effortless, the hours of practice that go into creating the dance have their reward, not only in applause, but in physical fitness as well.

Belly Dance has both cardiovascular and muscular fitness benefits. Shimmies are one of the most cardiovascular intensive moves that a Belly Dancer can do to break a sweat. The art in Middle Eastern Dance is the dancer’s ability to make the movements look easy, as opposed to a regular exercise class where a display of intense physical exertion is expected and encouraged. Over 5,000 years ago, Egyptian women in harems encircled their sisters during child birth, demonstrating the undulations we see in Belly Dance today, in sympathetic motion reassuring the expectant mother of the proper motion and breathing technique for a safe delivery - the equivalent to modern day lamaze classes.


Today, any personal trainer will emphasize proper breathing and form to avoid injury when strength training. Isolations in Belly Dance such as figure eights, chest circles, and hip circles strengthen and enhance core muscles in the same way a pilates class focuses on core muscle groups. The classic snake arm movements that hallmark a Belly Dancer, tone the arms, shoulders blades, and improve posture by strengthening the back. Movements in the dance like Shimmies, Saadi Hops, and Genie Steps are a low impact cardiovascular workout worthy of any aerobics class at your local gym. Middle Eastern Dance is still a form of art - the slow methodical isolations that are characteristic of the dance require practice to make them look smooth; and Shimmies are exhausting after a few minutes, but the practice refines the beauty of the dance, while benefitting your health.